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Website Development

When deciding on a website, choosing between a template and a custom design can be difficult. Template websites often look similar to other websites by that provider, and can sometimes be overlooked during internet searches due to their generic content. Custom sites can be designed to meet your specifications, and can be modified much easier in the future, keeping your website looking fresh and updated. 3 Sided Media can breathe new life into an existing site through digital enhancements and SEO upgrades that not only make your site look more advanced, but also to have your site easily found by customers. If you have never had a website, the 3 Sided team can walk you through selecting a site that is right for you, create your new page, and develop content that not only speaks to your clients, but helps your business be found on an internet search.

3 Sided Media has a team of experienced staff writers who will assist and create proper wording on your site, which will not only communicate your business strategy to your clients, but get you found by potential customers as well. Unlike other website creators, 3 Sided Media avoids the use of canned content to create a site that is uniquely yours.

Every business owner would like to be at the top of an internet search, but generic content often found on template websites can hinder the SEO of your website. Internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can overlook duplicated content used in other sites, and cause your business to be further down on an internet search.

Creating website content can be seen as a daunting task, and careful attention must be paid to exactly what is written on your web pages. Our content creation staff will help develop your content using SEO keywords to help your customers find your site. SEO words are keywords that customers use when searching the internet with engines such as Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo. Your content also should be clear and concise to an existing or potential client. The content generated by our writers is designed for a high-school reading level, which studies show is the internet average. Our writers will help you explain your goods or services effectively to insure that your site is found, and then completely understood by someone conducting a web search.


When deciding on a website, choosing between a template and a custom design can be difficult. Let 3 Sided Media help!

Social Media

Social media is one of the ways clients discover goods and services in the web-driven market today.

Customer Service

Our work for you begins where other website companies end. Once your website is completed, our team just getting started.