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When deciding on a website, choosing between a template and a custom design can be difficult. Let 3 Sided Media help!


Social Media

Social media is one of the ways clients discover goods and services in the web-driven market today.


Customer Service

Our work for you begins where other website companies end. Once your website is completed, our team just getting started.

We are 3SidedMedia

Our Mission

In todays competitive business world, people do judge books by their covers and businesses by their website design. Like most business professionals, you recognize the importance of having a successful website which not only conveys your business message, but can easily be found in an internet search. 3 Sided Media understands this need, and creates professional, custom sites, which are distinct from template sites. Our websites are not only visually attractive to customers and possible clients, but include meaningful, unique content that not only accurately describes your business, but also improves search engine optimization (SEO).

Custom Website Design

When deciding on a website, choosing between a template and a custom design can be difficult. Template sites are often overlooked during internet searches due to their generic content and similar design. Custom sites can be designed to meet your specifications, and can be modified much easier in the future, keeping your website looking fresh and updated.

Responsive Design

More consumers are conducting web searches using tablets and smartphones than ever before. Is your website responsive, having the ability to automatically right size itself, based on the type of device that is performing the search? At 3 Sided Media, our custom websites are programed to fit the device searching for your website.

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your site found once it is on the internet. The higher your business is listed when a potential customer conducts an internet search, the more likely it is that person will contact you for your goods or services. 3 Sided Media understands this process and combine keywords within your site with social media to get your business found on the web.

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